Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sooo, wow, I haven't posted here in a LONG time.....and I might not be posting here for quite some more time, I decided to take a different path...and so I re-named my shop ect, to Enchanted Land of Felt! It really made more sense (since it has the word "felt") and if you still has a hidden ELF hahaha, sooo check out my new site, (where I intend to blog) Enchanted Land of Felt and the re named ETSY shop!
See you there....I am as ever...Closer to the Edge...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fiber Festival, more hats


Hey there, 
so Kirsten and I went to the Garden State Sheep Festival and it was awesome! 
Lot's of fibery goodness!! ( and lots of sheep, goats and alpacas!) 
It was really nice out, I got some gray wool, some orange wool, and a beautiul skein of multi colored yarn, which I promptly tangled into a giant mess and then spent a week untangling it!! here are a few pics!!!

Kirsten and Mr Llama

and then there are more hats on Etsy...they are getting a bit more demented, but I can't help what my muse tells me to make!!

panda hatPanda Hat




I have a few more finished hats (and a few more ideas) so stay tuned for those...
in other craft-tastic-ness, I decided to make a new scene to photograph the little wool dudes in, but it is taking a lot of time, I want to knit a little land....grass, maybe a few, check back for updates on that!
So, until then, I am, ever.......Closer To The Edge

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer Recap

(note...somehow I made the text background a different color and cannot  make it go away, please comment if you can help me remove it...)
 Wow, I haven't post all summer, so I thought I would do a summer recap!
I'll break it in sections, first is...
The Garden recap....The pumpkins started out really well, over-taking pretty much everything in their path and smashing down the little fence we put up for the grapes, but then as soon as the pumpkins got to be about the size of a softball, they all turned black and withered away....I have one left, I hope it makes it! 
The sunflowers grew to about 12 feet and they are awesome, the tomatoes and peppers (banana, bell, jalapeno and dragon) did great and were H O T maybe next year I'll stop trying to grow large items....but probably not.....
here are a few garden pics....

Crafting/Etsy recap... as I mentioned in my last post (way back then) I started knitting again....and kept on going... I combined my current two favorite crafts, and have been making hats with needle felted animals on them...some are a but I am having a great time making them and have put quite a few in the  Etsy shop...
I have a lot more to list....
so check back for updates....
have any ideas for other animals??
leave a suggestion in the comments!!!
here are a few pics!
Mouse Hat

Monkey Hat

Owl Hat

Lemur Hat

Bunny Hat
and then.... 
( please play O Fortuna bu Carl Orff in your head ...).....

Paige and I went to see 30STM (she got me the tickets for mother's day!)...and it was amazing..... akin to a religious experience, people who understand this will understand, and most people won't, but it was superfreakingawesome! Best band in the world.



so now fall is just ahead, (Yay!) and I will be posting more fact Kirsten and I are going to the Sheep and Fiber Fest tomorrow, ( we go every year!) so I'm sure to be posting ...and instagraming (follow me!) about that so stay tuned!!
Until then, 
I am (now more than ever!!!) Closer to the Edge!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

knitting and gardening

Hey there! First off I haven't added anything to my Etsy shop since, I think my last post...
but I will be adding quite a few things to the shop next Saturday!(June 28th) Woot!! 
A few different items too because I have been felting a little less, and picked up my knitting needles again! 
So I will be putting up a few hats and scarves! 

I better get busy with the photos!...speaking (writing...whatever) of photos, 
although everyone keeps telling me I HAVE to have a plain white background for my photos, I am B O R E D of it ( and it really does not seem to help sales) 
SO, if I make the time, I am planning on re photographing at least a few of my items and changing up the backgrounds... 
I will post before and after photos here...  what else, my garden is growing! 
Pumpkins are doing well this year, now that I seem to have thwarted the groundhog! (knock wood), the mint is doing a little too well...taking over more than its fair share, and the Bamboo is finally growing! woot! 



so that's it for now! off to knit !! Until next time..I am (as ever) Closer to the Edge....

Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Waldorf woodland animals!

Woohoo 2 posts in one day!!! i charged my camera and listed 3 more little creatures !
Waldorf inspired wool bunny

Waldorf Inspired wool Deer

Waldorf inspired wool Raccoon

Waldorf inspired Woodland animals        

All made of 100% needle felted wool, no wire, no beads
even the little home is felted wool!
wellll...that is all for today, iamclosertotheedge........

Waldorf woodland animals and more

Gah....It's been awhile since I posted....that whole writing down what i the greatest idea...It's been moved to a private facebook was boring anyway....but If i actually have success, I will post here! hahaha.
ANYWAY....I have actually been felting a bit, and knitting a bit...I'm thinking of adding a few knitted hats to my etsy shop...
I have felted a few Waldorf inspired woodland animals, and they are currently in the shop, and a few more will be listed later when my camera battery charges!!
here are a few pics!!
Waldorf inspired all wool squirrel
Waldorf inspired all wool fox
wool fox
Waldorf inspired all wool mouse
all wool mouse
Waldorf inspired woodland animals
I also made these little guys, which are not waldorf inspired....

Faerie Mouse
Angel Mouse
Red Panda Hero (who has a new home in Florida Yay!)

so, I have actually been doing something...... in other news I am thinking of adding an "about needle felted" section to my webpage (, but I have to plan it out and take photos, maybe make a video....hmmm did I already write this in a previous post?? It seems like I may have.... OH well...sorry for any redundancy, that's its for today, Happy Memorial Day everyone! Go see the parade!! Watch the Indy 500 on Sunday...until next time, I am (as ever) close to the edge.....